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BeaDazzling Quilts add dramatic focus to any room. Commissions are welcome for any type of quilt, large and small. From paint or wallpaper swatches or other specs I create a color palette and a scale drawing of the quilt for your approval. I can include one or more supplied fabrics in the work, provided the fabrics are not too heavy or loosely woven. For example, a quilt can be customized by including a fabric from which accompanying furniture is upholstered. Grouping

Dramatic focal point

 My quilts function well as wallhangings, but can be draped across chairs and sofas or used as runners on tables and dressers to create bold design highlights. They also create dramatic window treatments. Or try them as room dividers, either attached to a frame or suspended from the ceiling.

BeaDazzling Quilts are especially effective in groupings. Have fun combining their free-form shapes into a bold arrangement. Hang several in a dynamic sweep across a wall. Try wrapping a quilt around a corner or onto the ceiling. Let your imagination run wild! Please contact me for a consultation.